16 real squirters

No squirting is not a myth! Certain women has the ability when they reach an intense orgasm to literally shoot out her vaginal fluid. You might have experienced that with a girlfriend, lucky you, or you might have tried to see a girl that can REALLY do it. I can tell you already that there’s a lot of fakers out there so we decided to check for you. So here’s a list of girls that can actually squirt. Gua-ran-teed!


Here’s a girl that can squirt multiple times , really big and a fountain…well, I guess she chose the perfect name;) She’s not only gorgeous, can squirt but also does amazing anal and DP live shows.

Nakita Lynn

If you never experienced Nakita well you should. She’s a very versatile lady, entertaining, funny…and highly sexual in her shows. If you like curves, big boobs and a real squirter with a lot of personality and great sense of humor, go see Nakita!

Miya Foxx

Her expertise is definitely squirting. And she can do that over and over. over n over! She also loves striptease, masturbating, deepthroat, BJ, gag, closeups, anal,…and she’s gorgeous which is a boner…I mean bonus;)

Robin Banxx

A sexy tall redhead that can squirt? Yes please!Robin is super fun, quirky, she does anal, is great at bj’s, …and a squirting fountain! If you are into strippers, she can dance and own a pole!

Chrissy Ann

Nothing’s better than a real MILF than can really squirt! Chrissy has amazing squirting orgasms that will blow your mind. She has a huge collection of toys for your pleasure and she’s very open minded so just ask her what you’re into, she just want to have fun with you:)

Brandy Grindz

Brandy’s a real stripper/pornstar that does it all but squirting is what she does best! She can also deepthroat at 12″ cock, that’s talent! She also has a must see piercing…where it is? I’m not gonna tell you just go see for yourself;) #Tease

Nora Noir

Nora is sensual and alluring. And among other things she is a BIG squirter. She can squirt over and over and over. She also enjoys roleplay, anal, DP, deepthroat… Give her something hard to sit on and she’ll ride it into seventh heaven…and she even has a fuck machine!

Angel Doll

If you like alternative girls with tattoos and piercings, you’ll love Angel. She’s sexy, funny, friendly, the whole package. She can also squirt! And if you ask nicely she can invite her BF/stunt cock for sexy live shows:)

Nadia Neighbr

Nadia is just adorable and she also aims to please. She can squirt like nobody’s business too! She’ll even let you play with her tight little ass. Just tell her what you want to see and she’ll just show you. It’s as easy as that;)

Amber Michaels

You might think that all pornstars can squirt but that’s not always the case. Amber Michaels can surely do that! With a porn cred she does everything: bondage, fetish, anal, double penetration, roleplay…and of course squirting!

Gia Loren

Gia is a naughty Candian MILF with a very open mind, if you see what I mean. She looks innocent and sweet, but that naughty latina can be a very dirty girl and besides her squirting talents, you will be turned on imediately by her sexy voice.

Big Tits Jessica

Yes that’s pretty obvious Jessica has big tits but not only. She’s multi talented and among others she can squirt!

Nikki Spade

Nikki is smart, hot as hell, has big boobs, a big ass, she’s a MILF, she has redhead, does anal, DP, panty stuffing, deepthroat….what she doesn’t do? I’m not sure;) But on top of all her amazing attributes and talents she’s a real squirter!

Kristin Kavallari

This sexy bombshell is a squirting queen according to her numerous fans on Streamate. Whether she’s alone or with a sexy friend, her shows are far from boring!

Dahlia Rouge

Dahlia is a squirter, a screamer and definitely a pleaser! She’s also super fit and has a hot for DPs;) One private with her and you’ll be cumming back for more!

LoneStar Angel

Angel is an old timer on Streamate. This sexy MILF loves dirty talk, pussy play, anal, gagging on cock and she can SQUIRT! She also comes with personality and never disappoints so you know you will always be satisfied. Another squirt queen proclaimed by her Streamate fans.