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11 Nerdy/Funny/Sexy girls

Who doesn’t like a hot girl with glasses or a nerdy sexy geek? I do. Nothing’s better than a girl that is smart and hot at the same time, such a turn on! Here’s a list of some of the nerdiest, sexiest and geekiest girls live on Streamate. Violet is a tiny sexy girl with […]

January: Shannon Sky

Happy New Year everybody:) To celebrate 2015, nothing’s better than a hot MILF to start the new year on the right foot. We chose Shannon Sky this month. Once you see her, there won’t be any need for explanations. Shannon is is one of the hottest MILF on Streamate, hands down. She’s sexy, has massive […]

December: Rachel Storms

This month, we chose Rachel Storms. Why? why not;) Rachel is funny, nice, gorgeous…and a MILF too…and she has big boobs!!!! Rachel has been around for a while on Streamate and fans love her because she’s a lot of fun, witty, bubbly. She loves to have fun and it shows. If you like REAL curvy […]

13 ebony hotties

Ava is a tiny little girl with gorgeous grey eyes. Her British accent will make you melt or get a huge hard on…really it’s up to you;) She can be a bitch but I think it’s part of the game. Her shows are decent but what’s for sure is that she has a big personality…to […]

November: Keylimepie

This month, we chose Katie AKA Keylimepie. Why? Well for many reasons but the main one is that she is just amazing. There’s 1000s of camgirls but only one Keylimepie. She’s full of energy and creativity and you WILL enjoy every single second you spend in her room whether she sets her feet on fire, […]

October: Allovingduo

This month, we chose Allovingduo for our Model of the Month. I know it’s a couple…so what? They are both just great. Apparently they “trained” with pornstars so that’s probably why they have amazing skills. From anal to DP, from facials to face fucking, she’s eager to please YOU. Go check them out live on Streamate […]

13 asian hotties

Gaia is a stunning and naughty Asian chick with big boobs! Do you like hot and wet blowjobs? Then you will love her. She specializes in POV sloppy, wet, nasty, deepthroating, gagging blowjob! Part Vietnamese and part Laotian girl, Cyberkim is always horny for dicks. She’s definitely a Streamate Hall of Famer and her shows […]

11 hot redhead girls

Redheads are exotic women with a fiery temper. They are one of the most beautiful girls on the planet if you ask me….but unfortunately there’s not a lot of them. That may be why girls dye their hair red. Some bad rumors pretend red hair girls have a bad odor….pffff…BS! They are yummy looking and […]

12 Euro hotties

The Euro is a currency in Europe but in our case a Euro hottie is a super hot chick right from Europe. For you, you know what that means: sexy accent, sexy body, pretty eyes and very very naughty…and the more you go east the more they’ll do. It’s crazy how dirty they can get;) […]

13 hot latina

Usually from Spain, Mexico, Italy, Portugal or anywhere in Latin America, latinas are simply hot, sexy and sensual girls who have the hottest ass, amazing curves everywhere and dark hair and dark skin…and they are just so yummy. Again here’s a list of some of the hottest latina live on Streamate. This amazing Colombian hottie […]