11 Nerdy/Funny/Sexy girls

Who doesn’t like a hot girl with glasses or a nerdy sexy geek? I do. Nothing’s better than a girl that is smart and hot at the same time, such a turn on! Here’s a list of some of the nerdiest, sexiest and geekiest girls live on Streamate.

Violet Voss

Violet is a tiny sexy girl with definitely an amazing sense of humor. She looks like a school girl but there’s some brain under that sexy petite body and you’ll be entertained, you’ll laugh and may be you’ll even learn something;)

Alex Lady

Alex lady is the perfect example of a nerdy girl. Glasses, changes her hair color for some more funky colors like red or blue and can talk nerdy pretty fluently. BUT, she can also deep throat a bbig dildo and other sexual shenanigans  that will make you very happy;)


Amberlily is such a geek! She’s not just really sexy AND a MILF, she has no competition when it comes to dressing up and show her Star Wars love. If you are into roleplay or cosplay, she has tons of fun and sexy costume to put on. Watch for her tshirts. She usually has a cool one every day.


She was our Streamate girl of the month last November and for a reason. Keylimepie is unique. From setting her feet on fire to dedicating a whole day to Streamate, you never know what’s going to happen in her room. The best part is that she’s a real sweet girl and really sexy too.

Audri Two

Whoever said nerds can’t be hot, fuck you;) Audri is super sexy. She’s definitely a nerd but with some serious skills too…and what as ass!

Kristin Kavallari

I can’t never spell her name correctly but I sure can remember how this sexy squirt queen can make you laugh. Her shows are pure fun. Viewer’s discretion is highly advised!

Rachel Storms

She was recently one of our Streamate Model of the Month and that’s probably one of the reason why. Rachel is sexy, like girl next door sexy but just better;) She’s the MILF next door you fantasize about and really funy on top of that. So you’ll blow your load but in style and laughing your ass off;)

Ruby Rapture

Ruby is a sexy nerd/gamer with mad skills. She’s a total nympho. Whatever you can think of she does it…just ask!

Aspen Peeks

Aspen is a fun hot energetic girl with a hot body, awesome titties and a great ass. Enough said!

Ava Alexander

Ava is a petite British bombshell with a serious attitude. If you don’t have any sense of humor, forget about it, you’ll be blocked for life and join her extensive list of blocked users.

Jayne Cobb

Sexy, curvy, nerdy, a pro at dirty talking and the queen of gold shows! She’s an expert at a lot of stuff and whatever your kink is, chances are that she has that in her skill bucket. Nerdy is just the cherry on the cake;)